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Our Mission

Making agriculture business better
for everyone
We help people achieve independence by making it easier to start, run, and grow a business. We believe the future of ag commerce has more voices, not fewer, so we’re reducing barriers to business ownership making the ag business experience better for everyone.

Our Vision

Become a modular platform offering comprehensive products and services to independent businesses
We live with an attitude to fight for local business. The many challenges today highlight the remarkable interest in bringing business and decision making closer to the local level, because we understand our communities are significantly more important than ever. Communities want security knowing they have local people owning and creating value for things that are inherently important to their local geography. With this trend back to local, our goal is to become the single point of navigation for local agribusiness.

Large and Growing Opportunity

Novus Ag offers a growing set of tools that enables agriculture entrepreneurs of all sizes to build their business the way they want and still meet the needs of their local market.

Agronomy Expertise

We have a 'best in class' agronomic advisors who have accumulated years of experience and they leverage their knowledge across the Novus Ag member network.
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Community-oriented Business Model

As our entrepreneurs grow sales and become more successful, they reinvest in their businesses, benefitting their customers and the communities they serve.
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Strategic Ag Partnerships

We continue to expand and engage our network of partners and resources. This rich ecosystem plays a critical role in our entrepreneurs’ success and helps drive the growth of our customer base.
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Mission Driven

We have an enthusiastic team dedicated to making our mission of making agriculture business better for everyone, a reality.
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About Novus Ag

Agriculture designed with YOU in mind.
Our Story
If you told us seven years ago we'd be here, we would have thought you were crazy! We didn't see a true solution for local retailers to find success—so we built our own. Today, businesses of all sizes and ag industries are part of the Novus Ag network.
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Our People
Here at Novus Ag, we're passionate and driven to find the best business solution for you. Our belief is that by focusing on every link in the retailer-grower chain, we all win. We started with just five partners and have grown to hundreds across the nation - and we're just getting started!
Meet Our Team
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Our Impact and Commitment to Sustainability
We're building a 100-year company and rewriting the rules across the ag marketplace. Focused on this vision, we must invest in our planet, our communities, and our people.