Strategic Ag Partnerships

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Leveraging our network of partners and resources, Novus Ag provides a core service framework, enabling our entrepreneurs quick and decisive action to manage their businesses. Partnering with leading industry organizations across the people, business and product landscape, Novus Ag is the back-office aggregator engine that enables local success for agricultural retailers, empowering our members to focus on community, people and their business.

Our Model

Our model is providing potential business leaders a path to establish their own vision for their team and their family’s future. We help you start keeping the value you are currently creating locally for some other large corporate agriculture company. By enabling permanent autonomy with the back-bone of services to run your business – procurement, technology, customer financing, real estate and leasing, legal, human resources, high-tech agronomy services and more – we can get you off the ground.

Our experienced team will help you navigate your start-up from launch to success!