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Combining agronomic expertise, from soil health analysis to best practice application methodologies, we leverage leading technology solutions to provide a holistic view for grower yield optimization. We are committed to ongoing education, training and sharing insights across our network partners and their growers on sustainable practices through focusing on their local needs

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Innova strives to be the authority on crop nutrition providing our premier retail partners with product lines and agronomic solutions that deliver a positive return on investment for their growers. We believe in environmentally responsible products and practices, rooted in science, technology and Innovation That Yields®. We use these principles in the production of our Innova Performance Products™ and in the selection of other product lines that we represent. This allows our retail partners to positively impact crops and soils through consistent, easy-to-use nutritional and biological products.

Hype and Incite Product Benefits

Productive plants require balanced nutrition for ideal growth and development.

Hype Innova Performance Products Agriculture Nutrient

Hype® was created to provide corn and soybeans with a foliar supply of readily available nutrients, micronutrients and carbohydrates that are necessary for optimal yields. Hype should be applied in conjunction with herbicide applications to ensure that micronutrients are available when they are needed.

Incite Innova Performance Products Agriculture Plant Hormone

Incite Plant Growth Regulator is an excellent partner product with Hype to maximize yield potential.


The plant with the smaller stalk diameter (left) was untreated. The larger stalk (right) was treated with both Hype and Incite. Stalk strength and size can be key components to standability later in the season.

Both of these plants were impacted by early-season environmental stresses: cooler temperatures and wet conditions during planting and early emergence. The plant on the right was treated with Hype and Incite and was able to better handle these stresses and created a more uniform plant size throughout the field. The plant on the left was not.


The soybean plant on the left was treated with Hype and Incite while the plant on the right was left untreated. As a result of treatment, the plant on the left exhibits more branching at the early nodes with tighter node spacing when compared to the untreated plant.

The grower hung his boom over the ditch and sprayed just the first two rows of the other side with Hype and Incite. Notice a change in the height of the plants as well as a change in density.