Community-oriented Business Model

The benefits of being an Owner Operator

There is a reason we have been quickly growing across the country recently and it’s because we are committed to meet the incredible demand of putting and keeping local entrepreneurs in business in their communities.

To honor that commitment, we’ve launched a very calculated expansion plan that includes development in new markets all the while assisting our current members across existing markets. We have spent a lot of time perfecting our platform, our processes and developing our team. Combine our experience with the vastly changing competitive landscape and there has never been a better time to become a Novus Ag Owner Operator.

High Success Rate

You are buying into an established and proven business model - benefits of a corporate but with the agility of an independent.

Market Share

You are building equity into your own business with already built-in customers.


You get our professional management, accounting, and technological support.


We leverage the collective buying power of our Novus Ag network to ensure you get much better value for your local markets.

Proven System

Our system ensures you hit the ground running with successful operational procedures, sufficient working capital, business systems and support.

From our Member Network

In the last five years I have come to realize that bigger doesn’t mean better, and thousands of options doesn't mean the grower gets to choose what they are really looking for. The Novus Ag model is the evolution that growers have been waiting for. What also convinced me to join the group is the trust and integrity in Novus Ag’s management team - which is tough to find these days. Liberty Ag Solutions' model is based on a true Supply & Logistic synergy with my customers. Novus Ag empowers me to fulfill this goal.
Jaco Van Der Westhuizen
Liberty Ag Solutions