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As a Novus Ag customer, you have visibility of your account 24/7.

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Balance Overview:

  • Quick overview display of unpaid balances by due date.
  • View current Regular and Prepay balances.
  • Make payment on account using ACH or Credit Cards. 
    • Maximum ACH payment of $50,000 on a single transaction with a .50 cent transaction fee.

Account Details:

  • View and optionally download Invoices, Payments, Bookings, and Statements.
  • Drill down to view Product totals by transaction or by product.
  • Detailed Field Data
    • View fields with satellite imagery and boundaries, split arrangements, soil test results, and current weather conditions.
    • Electronically request service for fields and received notifications when jobs are completed.
    • Explore all activity related to any field to determine if jobs have been completed and/or invoiced.
Novus Ag Technology for the Farmer

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NovusAg360 provides easy access to your account. This app enables our customers to view account information, including invoices, balances and even enter online payments. Also available is detailed field data and notifications. Supporting the Members of the Novus Ag Network.

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